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EverTyres | Buy Tyres & Wheels of leading brands in Australia

EverTyres endeavour its best in providing quality tyres, wheels, packages and best customer service. We make sure to provide exceptional quality.

Get the power of Australia's one of the largest tyres store in Sunshine West, Victoria. Find your nearest Evertyres online for wide range of tyres & wheels/rims

EverTyres | Buy Tyres & Wheels of leading brands in Australia

EverTyres endeavour its best in providing quality tyres, wheels, packages and best customer service. We make sure to provide exceptional quality.

Get the power of Australia's one of the largest tyres store in Sunshine West, Victoria. Find your nearest Evertyres online for wide range of tyres & wheels/rims


Product Size Price
DUNLOP Direzza DZ102+245/40R19 94/W$ 225
DUNLOP Direzza DZ102+245/40R18 97/W$ 199
DUNLOP Direzza DZ102+245/45R17 95/W$ 199
DUNLOP Direzza DZ102+245/35R19 93/W$ 199
DUNLOP Direzza DZ102+235/40R18 95/W$ 175
DUNLOP Direzza DZ102+235/55R17 99/W$ 175
DUNLOP Direzza DZ102+215/55R16 93/V$ 139
DUNLOP GRANDTREK PT3245/55R19 103/V$ 249
DUNLOP SP SPORT LM705215/55R17 94/V$ 175
DUNLOP SP SPORT LM705215/45R17 91/W$ 159
DUNLOP GRANDTREK PT3215/70R16 100/H$ 189
DUNLOP GRANDTREK PT3225/65R17 102/V$ 189
Product Size Price
Continental UltraContact UC7225/55R18 102/Y XL$ 199
Continental PremiumContact6265/40R22 106/V XL$ 449
Continental ContiCrossContact RX265/50R20 111/H$ 299
Continental ContiCrossContact UHP265/50R20 111/V$ 449
Continental UltraContact UC7245/45R18 100/W XL$ 219
Continental UltraContact UC7215/45R18 93/W XL$ 225
Continental UltraContact UC7225/45R17 94 /W XL$ 189
Continental UltraContact UC7215/55R17 94/W XL$ 169
Continental UltraContact UC7215/45R17 91/W XL$ 169
Continental UltraContact UC7225/40R18 92/Y XL$ 199
Continental ContiCrossContact LX Sport255/45R20 105/V XL$ 249
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6 SUV215/55R18 95/V$ 225
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6225/45R17 94/W XL$ 175
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6215/55R17 94/W$ 159
Continental ContiCrossContact UHP245/45R20 103/W XL (LR)$ 399
Continental MaxContact MC6235/45R18 98/V$ 189
Continental PremiumContact6225/45R18 95/V XL$ 199
Continental PremiumContact6235/50R19 103/V XL$ 225
Continental ContiCrossContact LX Sport235/60R18 103/H$ 199
Continental ContiSportContact 5255/35R19 96/Y XL Runflat MOE$ 399
Continental ContiSportContact 5225/40R18 92/W (MOE) SSR Runflat$ 275
Continental ContiSportContact 5245/40R18 97/Y (MOE) SSR Runflat$ 299
Continental ContiSportContact 5225/45R17 91/W (MOE) SSR Runflat$ 275
Continental ContiSportContact 5P (MO)235/40R20 96/Y XL$ 475
Continental PremiumContact6235/55R19 105/V$ 249
Continental PremiumContact6225/60R18 104/V XL$ 259
Continental ContiSportContact 5215/40R18 89/W XL$ 249
Continental ContiCrossContact LX Sport235/65R17 104/H$ 199
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6 SUV235/55R19 105/V CSI$ 280
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6195/65R15 91/V$ 149
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6 SUV235/65R18 106/H FR$ 299
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6 SUV225/60R17 99/V$ 199
Continental PremiumContact6235/60R18 107/V$ 199
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6215/60R16 95/V$ 149
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6205/60R16 96/V XL$ 159
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6205/55R16 91/V$ 149
Continental EcoContact 6235/55R18 104/V Xl$ 225
Continental MaxContact MC6235/45R17 97/W$ 169
Continental MaxContact MC6235/40R18 95/Y$ 175
Continental TECHCONTACT TC6 SUV225/65R17 102/V$ 175
Continental UltraContact UC6 SUV275/40R22 108/Y XL$ 425
Continental UltraContact UC6 SUV265/40R21 105/Y XL$ 389
Continental ContiSportContact 5225/40R19 93/Y MOE Runflat $ 399
Continental UltraContact UC6215/60R17 96/H$ 169
Product Size Price
FALKEN WILDPEAK AT3W265/70R17 115/T$ 300
FALKEN WILDPEAK AT3W285/60R18 118/S$ 405
FALKEN WILDPEAK AT3W265/60R18 114/T$ 325
FALKEN WILDPEAK AT3W265/65R17 116/T$ 289
FALKEN WILDPEAK AT3W285/75R16 126/R$ 349
FALKEN WILDPEAK AT3W265/75R16 116/T$ 315
FALKEN WILDPEAK AT3W305/70R16 124/121/R$ 399
Product Size Price
GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 SPORT235/45R17 94/W$ 159
Product Size Price
Kumho AT52 ROAD VENTURE265/75R16 123/120/R$ 265
Kumho AT52 ROAD VENTURE265/65R17 112/T$ 259
Kumho AT52 ROAD VENTURE285/75R16 126/123/R$ 289
Kumho AT52 ROAD VENTURE265/60R18 110/T$ 259
Kumho SOLUS TA21195/60R15 88/H$ 110
Kumho SOLUS TA21205/65R15 94/H$ 110
Kumho SOLUS TA21195/65R15 91/H$ 120
Kumho SOLUS TA21175/65R14 82/H$ 95
Kumho SOLUS TA21215/55R17 94/V $ 149
Kumho SOLUS TA21215/60R16 95/H$ 130
Kumho SOLUS TA21205/55R16 91/H$ 129
Kumho PS71 ECSTA235/45R17 97/Y$ 145
Product Size Price
Hankook VENTUS R-S4 Z232235/45R17 94/W$ 235
Hankook VENTUS R-S4 Z232245/40R18 93/W$ 279
Hankook VENTUS R-S4 Z232235/40R18 95/W$ 240
Hankook VENTUS R-S4 Z232225/50R16 92/W$ 199
Hankook VENTUS R-S4 Z232225/45R17 94/W$ 220
Hankook VENTUS R-S4 Z232215/45R17 87/W$ 199
Hankook VENTUS R-S4 Z232195/50R15 86/V$ 159
Product Size Price
MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 5215/45R17 91/Y$ 249
MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 5235/35R19 91/Y$ 359
MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 5235/40R18 95/Y$ 269
MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 5225/45R17 94/Y$ 249
MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S235/35R19 91/Y$ 369
Product Size Price
Bridgestone POTENZA S001255/35R19 96/Y (MOE) Runflat$ 399
Bridgestone POTENZA S001225/40R19 89/Y Runflat$ 350
Bridgestone EP150175/65R14 82/H$ 135
Bridgestone D470225/65R17 102/T$ 225
Bridgestone Ecopia EP300205/60R16 92/V$ 179
Bridgestone Ecopia EP300195/65R15 91/V$ 150
Bridgestone Ecopia EP300205/55R16 91/V$ 169
Product Size Price
Maxxis RAZR AT811265/60R18 119/116/S$ 389
Maxxis RAZR AT811265/70R17 121/118/S$ 399
Maxxis RAZR AT811265/65R17 120/117/S$ 365
Maxxis RAZR AT811285/75R16 126/123/R$ 395
Maxxis RAZR AT811265/75R16 123/120/R$ 360
Maxxis RAZR AT811245/75R16 120/116/S$ 355
Maxxis RAZR AT811245/70R16 118/115/R$ 305
BFGoodrich Tyres
Product Size Price
BFGoodrich Tyres All-Terrain KO2285/60R18 118/115/S$ 450
BFGoodrich Tyres All-Terrain KO2265/70R17 121/118/S$ 439
BFGoodrich Tyres All-Terrain KO2265/65R17 120/117/S$ 385
BFGoodrich Tyres All-Terrain KO2285/75R16 126/123/R$ 429
BFGoodrich Tyres All-Terrain KO2265/75R16 123/120/R$ 355
BFGoodrich Tyres All-Terrain KO2265/70R16 121/118/S$ 349
BFGoodrich Tyres All-Terrain KO2255/70R16 120/117/S$ 345
Product Size Price
ROH ROH Assault17"x9" 6X139.7 25 - 1500KGlr$ 349
Product Size Price
DIRTY LIFE DT1 W/Black Lip17"x9" 6/139.7 -38 - 1542lr$ 365
DIRTY LIFE DT1 W/Black Lip17"x9" 6/139.7 -12 - 1542lr$ 365
DIRTY LIFE DT1 Machined17"x9" 6/114.3 0 - 1542lr$ 410
Dynamic Steel
Product Size Price
Dynamic Steel Imitation Beadlock D Black16"x8" 6X139.7 0 - 1200lr$ 139
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Why Choose Us ?

At EverTyres, you can get and buy any type and leading brands of tyres in australia which you are looking for. We understand our customers’ professional needs and budget and so offer a wide range of tyres.

EverTyres never compromises with the quality it sells as we value our customer’s satisfaction and convenience. It is extremely important for us that our customers must be happy with the quality of the product they purchase.

EverTyres covers a reasonable price range to meet the buying requirements and budget of our customers. We suffice premium-quality tyres to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

At EverTyres, we have opted for a 100% secure payment gateway and super easy payment modes so that our buyers can order their tyre without any doubt. Moreover, we provide lightning fast delivery of products.

Products of EverTyres cover a 1-year standard warranty according to the Australian Consumer Law. Our buyers can avail best-in-class and hassle-free service with refunds and replacements on the major failure of products.

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what buyers and sellers are saying

customer reviews


Good advice about replacement tyres for our MD Mondeo, good service, easy to deal with and realistic price. Recommend this business.

Darren Rego

Excellent & quick tyre change with competitive pricing. Staff are very friendly.highly recommend EverTyre.

Vinil Goundar

Blown away by these lads! Outstanding service, excellent value and really helpful. Will definitely be coming back and recommending friends and family cheers

Matt Wacker

The place is neat and tidy and the staffs are charming as well. I was there to change the tyre and it was quick with almost no wait time.

Qusay Elerris

Has a flat - they did a great job fixing it quickly, on a public holiday.
Fuss free service and cheap too.

what buyers and sellers are saying

customer reviews


Gino Feng




Vivek Raj


Joe Zangan


Darren Gatcliffe


Danial Hanson

Recommended by my friend and had my tyres changed here. Very friendly service and they do really care about customers.
Wheel alignment is the thing I want to recommend. They actually not charging the cheapest, but they are really doing a great job. I have problem with my car's alignment and spent $45 somewhere before, problem not solved until now. They fixed it well and explained things to me, no cheating at all.
Trust me, this is the place to go.

I got a set of Powertrac City Racing tyres 215/50/17 for my Mazda 6 GH this morning. Very happy with the tyres and highly recommend this place. I have similar tyres on my other car (Accord Euro CU2 lux) for over a year and really like them (better grip in dry and wet compared to the Toyo Proxes I had), hence decided to also put them on my Mazda. Great guys and also very friendly. Highly recommended.

Been there twice now once for puncture repair and once for changing four tyres for my Hilux, the tyre they give me is called powertrac and it is doing great job, best traction in wet and dry, very happy with them. Just to say one word is the customer servicing is great. Very friendly and nice to speak to.
Will recommend all to this place.

Very happy with the service. 5/5 customers service, perfectly job, timeline as permission! Thanks with such a nice customer services. Well done guys. Definitely back again when need more tyres. Recommended to everyone.

The Best place in Western Suburbs to buy your tyres and wheels from.The best prices. The best service and follow up service. Nothing was too much trouble. I will be telling all my friends and family to only buy their tyres and wheels here. Thanks guys.

Excellent Service, I have been to this store twice now and can say with absolute confidence they are extremely professional and very friendly. Other companies could learn a lot about good service from this store.
--Well organized
--Great service
--Professional on what they doing
--Friendly with customer
--Very quick as soon as 25min to change 4 tyres
Highly recommended to all friend and others...Well done!


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