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175/65R14 82H

Price: $86 MSRP:$ 86

185/65R15 88H

Price: $97 MSRP:$ 97

185/65R14 86H

Price: $84 MSRP:$ 84

285/75R16 126Q

Price: $259 MSRP:$ 299

205/60R16 92H

Price: $107 MSRP:$ 107

31/10.5R15 109S

Price: $179 MSRP:$ 209

205/65R15 94H

Price: $89 MSRP:$ 89

Available Fitments : 17

Total Fitments : 2

Price: $NA MSRP:$ NA

Available Fitments : 16", 17", 18", 20

Total Fitments : 11

Price: $NA MSRP:$ NA

Featured Tyres listings

  • Yokohama
    175/70R13 82T
    $ 111
    Size 175/70R13
    Load Rating/ Capacity82
    Speed RatingT
  • Comforser
    35/12.5R20 121Q
    $ 221
    MSRP: $321
    Size 35/12.5R20
    Load Rating/ Capacity121
    Speed RatingQ
  • Bridgestone
    225/85R16 121N
    $ 192
    Size 225/85R16
    Load Rating/ Capacity121
    Speed RatingN
  • Bridgestone
    205/60R16 92V
    $ 183
    MSRP: $227
    Size 205/60R16
    Load Rating/ Capacity92
    Speed RatingV
  • Annaite
    195/50R15 82V
    $ 97
    MSRP: $145
    Size 195/50R15
    Load Rating/ Capacity82
    Speed RatingV
  • Bridgestone
    TURANZA T001
    195/65R15 91H
    $ 124
    Size 195/65R15
    Load Rating/ Capacity91
    Speed RatingH

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Excellent Service, I have been to this store twice now and can say with absolute confidence they are extremely professional and very friendly. Other companies could learn a lot about good service from this store.
--Well organized
--Great service
--Professional on what they doing
--Friendly with customer
--Very quick as soon as 25min to change 4 tyres
Highly recommended to all friend and others...Well done!
Recommended by my friend and had my tyres changed here. Very friendly service and they do really care about customers.
Wheel alignment is the thing I want to recommend. They actually not charging the cheapest, but they are really doing a great job. I have problem with my car's alignment and spent $45 somewhere before, problem not solved until now. They fixed it well and explained things to me, no cheating at all.
Trust me, this is the place to go.
I got a set of Powertrac City Racing tyres 215/50/17 for my Mazda 6 GH this morning. Very happy with the tyres and highly recommend this place. I have similar tyres on my other car (Accord Euro CU2 lux) for over a year and really like them (better grip in dry and wet compared to the Toyo Proxes I had), hence decided to also put them on my Mazda. Great guys and also very friendly. Highly recommended.
Been there twice now once for puncture repair and once for changing four tyres for my Hilux, the tyre they give me is called powertrac and it is doing great job, best traction in wet and dry, very happy with them. Just to say one word is the customer servicing is great. Very friendly and nice to speak to.
Will recommend all to this place.
Very happy with the service. 5/5 customers service, perfectly job, timeline as permission! Thanks with such a nice customer services. Well done guys. Definitely back again when need more tyres. Recommended to everyone.
The Best place in Western Suburbs to buy your tyres and wheels from.The best prices. The best service and follow up service. Nothing was too much trouble. I will be telling all my friends and family to only buy their tyres and wheels here. Thanks guys.

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