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Advanti Racing Avalanche 20/6-130R/9.0 30-955


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Advanti Avalanche 20 x 9.0
Advanti Racing
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9.0 Inch
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Developed for sport-luxury tuning vehicles, Advanti Racing meticulously crafts every wheel design with precision and forward styling. At the core of every wheel produced is an unsurpassed level of quality. The Advanti Racing brand has been increasing heart rates and supplying drivers with adrenaline overdoses for over 25 years. Advanti Racing’s history in F1 racing is the fundamentals on which wheels are designed. This unique resume is what defines Advanti Racing wheels as Truly Desirable.

Product : Advanti Avalanche 20 x 9.0
Product Type wheels
Brand/Model Advanti Racing/Avalanche
Diameter 9.0
Product Rating R

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  • Advanti Avalanche 20 x 9.0 ( 20/6-130R/9.0 - 30955 ) wheels ordered
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Advanti Racing
Advanti Racing
20/6-130R9.0 30955
$ NA
Size 20/6-130R9.0
Load Rating/ Capacity30
Speed Rating955