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Winter Tyre Care: How to Prepare Your Tyres for Cold Weather Driving

Winter driving can be challenging, with icy roads, snow-covered surfaces, and colder temperatures posing risks to both drivers and their vehicles. One crucial aspect of winter driving safety is ensuring that your tyres are prepared for the colder weather conditions.

In this blog, we will explore winter tyre care and provide you with essential tips on how to prepare your tyres for safe driving during the winter season. Additionally, we will recommend some of the best winter tyre brands, so make sure to read until the end to find out which tyre brands are the most reliable for the winter season.

Choose winter tyres:

Winter tyres, also known as snow tyres, are specifically designed for driving in cold weather conditions. They are made with a different rubber compound that remains flexible in colder temperatures, providing better grip and traction on icy or snowy roads. The unique tread pattern of winter tyres also helps to evacuate snow and slush from the tyre's surface, further enhancing traction.

If you live in an area that experiences prolonged periods of cold weather with snow or ice, it is highly recommended to switch to winter tyres during the winter season. Make sure to choose winter tyres that are the right size and type for your vehicle, and have them installed by a professional to ensure proper fitment.

Store your summer tyres properly:

If you use summer tyres during the warmer months, make sure to store them properly during the winter. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and sources of heat or moisture, and consider investing in tyre bags or covers to protect them from damage.

Consider using snow chains or studs:

Snow chains or studs can provide your vehicle with additional traction and control when driving on surfaces that are highly icy or covered in snow. However, you should be aware that they might not be allowed in some regions and that they might also cause your tyres to wear out more quickly.

Keep your tyres inflated:

Cold temperatures can cause your tyre pressure to drop, so make sure to check your tyre pressure regularly and keep them properly inflated. This can improve your vehicle's handling and fuel efficiency and also help to prevent uneven tyre wear.

Inspect tyre tread depth:

Tyre tread depth is crucial for maintaining grip on slippery roads. Worn-out tyres with shallow tread depths can easily lose traction on snow or ice, increasing the risk of skidding or spinning out of control. Inspect your tyre tread depth regularly and replace your tyres if the tread depth is below the recommended levels.

In many countries, the legal minimum tread depth for winter tyres is higher than that for regular tyres. Make sure to check the regulations in your area and ensure that your winter tyres meet the minimum tread depth requirements for safe driving.

Keep your tyres clean:

Snow and ice can stick to the treads of your tyres, reducing their grip on the road. Keeping your tyres clean can help prevent this, allowing your tyres to maintain better traction on the road surface. Road salt is commonly used to melt ice and snow on roads during the winter, but it can be very corrosive to your tyres. Over time, road salt can cause your tyres to rust and deteriorate, which can lead to decreased performance and even tyre failure. By keeping your tyres clean and free of salt, you can help prevent this from happening. To keep your tyres clean during the winter, make sure to regularly wash them with warm water and a mild soap. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the treads or sidewalls of your tyres.

Don't forget the spare tyre:

Your spare tyre is just as important as your regular tyres, especially during the winter months. Make sure to check it for proper inflation and overall condition, and consider getting a spare winter tyre if you live in an area with particularly harsh winter weather.


Proper winter tyre care is essential for safe and smooth driving during the colder months. By choosing the right winter tyres, storing your summer tyres properly, keeping your tyres inflated, and inspecting your tyre tread depth regularly, you can ensure that your vehicle is equipped to handle the challenges of winter driving. Additionally, keeping your tyres clean and free of road salt can help to prevent corrosion and maintain their performance over time.

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