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Why are Pirelli Tyres considered the best?

When it comes to wheels and tyres, the consumer mainly focuses on high value so as to automatically attain all the other features along with that. Pirelli is considered a legend of high quality and value.

Performance, safety, quietness, and adhesion to the surface of the road. Tyres that will specifically meet the ultimate consumer's mobility requirements.

Pirelli faces competition from "Tier 1" tyre producers, who command higher prices than the industry average, offer a variety of goods, and have regionally focused production lines. Pirelli differentiates itself among these competitors due to its unique presence in the High Value Pure Consumer Tyre market, which at the end of 2021 accounted for about 71% of total revenues. Pirelli is the industry leader in prestige tyres when it comes to High Value tyres, with a market share of more than 50% in the Original Equipment channel.

Pirelli considers a number of factors when manufacturing its tyres, some of which are listed below:

1. Sidewall Marking

There are various different inscriptions on the sidewall of the tyre. The dimensions and features of the tyres are marked, along with the brand name and product line: nominal width, nominal section height to nominal width ratio, structure or construction code, diameter of the rim, and load and speed index.

2. Tyre Pressure

The safety and efficiency of a vehicle is significantly influenced by the tyre pressure. As a result, tyre pressure should be checked on a regular basis (every month), especially before a long trip (never try to change the pressure while the tyre is hot).

The braking distance and tyre pressure are connected. At 100 km/h, the braking distance will be 40 m with properly inflated tyres versus 42.4 m with deflated tyres. As a result, performance is enhanced by almost 6%, or 2.4m.

Tyre wear is erratic when the inflation pressure is incorrect. Too little pressure results in shoulder wear and raises the possibility of structural damage to the tyre. Too much pressure results in wear to the tyre's centre.

3. Tyre Integrity

Rubber, steel, and fibres make up a tyre. Rubber serves as a barrier between the structural materials of steel and fibre and the outside world. Chemicals or other environmental factors can harm rubber directly:

- There are both apparent and subtle structural flaws that can be caused by sharp objects, powerful collisions, or other abuse.

- Additionally, having too little tyre pressure results in structural flaws.

- Sunlight and high heat can deteriorate rubber.

4. Tyre Tread Depth

One important safety aspect is tread depth. It significantly affects how the car interacts with the ground.

The Anti-lock Braking System controls the wheel at the slip threshold while braking, and water is gathered. The braking distance significantly lengthens as the tyre tread becomes saturated.

Driving speed, tread depth, and water depth all affect hydroplaning. An automobile is accelerated into a basin filled with 8 mm of water to test hydroplaning. Hydroplaning begins as soon as the motor starts to work harder without increasing speed.

5. Tyre Seasonal Change Over

For safe driving, choosing the appropriate seasonal change-over is essential. Winter tyres are used in winter, summer tyres in summer. The right rubber compound is crucial for stability, braking distance and traction.

In addition to providing traction on snow, winter tyres perform better than summer tyres when the temperature falls below 7°C. To ensure mobility on any terrain and in all cold weather scenarios, Pirelli advises fitting winter tyres. Summer tyres have higher stopping distances and significantly reduced traction on snow at temperatures below +7°C.

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