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How long can you run on a spare tyre on the car?

Even though you may not like it, most drivers eventually have to use their spare tyre. We can only hope that it won't be raining, that we won't be travelling to the most significant meeting of our lives, and that the passenger won't be in active labour at the time.

When it is time to pull out the back up after hearing a pop or the soft flapping of a punctured tyre, it is crucial that we are aware of the back up's capabilities and how long it can be driven on. There is no universal guideline given the variety of spare tyres that are currently available. So let's dissect it.

Full Size Spare: The most popular kind of spare tyre was once the full-size spare. It used to be the only type, in fact. The space saver and the run flat have since made inroads into its market dominance, but a full-size spare tyre is still preferred for 4WDs or any vehicle that might find itself in a remote location. The full size spare tyre gets its name from the fact that it is an exact replica of the four other tyres it serves as a backup for. Without having to change your speed or distance, you simply replace the flat tyre with the spare and continue driving. However, it's always safer to drive on tyres with comparable wear, so we always advise getting the punctured tyre repaired if it can be done and put back on its axle. And your spare can continue to be a spare, in good shape, and constantly available for use.

Space Saver: Nowadays, the majority of drivers will have space-saving spare tyres in their vehicles. They are preferred by automakers because they are thinner, take up less space, and cost less to produce. However, these qualities also make them unsuitable for frequent and prolonged use. Because they are thinner, space savers have less tread in contact with the ground at any given time, which reduces their grip and limits their top speed to 80 km/h. The size difference between this tyre and the others also throws off the balance of the entire vehicle. In conclusion, a space saver should not be used for daily driving; rather, it should only be used to get you to a service centre. Additionally, it's dangerous to use a space saver for both steering and power because of their decreased grip. It would be wise to move a rear tyre to the front and place the space saver at the back if you have a front-wheel drive car and that is where you get a flat. Yes, it's more work, but overall it's safer.

Run Flats: A tyre that can be punctured and still function is every driver's dream. The run-flat tyre, first made popular by BMW, achieves this thanks to its reinforced walls. These reinforced walls initially resulted in a rough ride, but with continued development, modern run flat tyres now perform on par with standard, oh no, I got a puncture and I can't work any more, tyres. However, when a run flat occurs, it is necessary to drive slowly and carefully. The speed limit is 80 km/h like a space saver, so you should really drive right to a service centre to have it fixed or replaced. We also strongly advise against driving somewhere to have it fixed without first stopping at a gas station to pump it up; the less you drive on a flat run-flat tyre, the more likely it is that it can be fixed. The advantage is that you don't have to immediately replace it while standing outside your car in the rain. And that is actually advantageous.

Then? Which spare tyre is the right one for you?

You might anticipate that choosing a spare tyre would be challenging given the variety that is offered. The type of car you have, however, actually places limitations on you. Although run-flat tyres may seem like a great choice, not all cars should use them. The small space in your boot designed for a space saver won't accommodate the full size spare. When you get a flat halfway between Kalgoorlie and Perth, space savers won't be able to get you 300 km/h to the nearest service centre.

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