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Confused if you should be buying Tyres with Rim Protectors?

While Rim Protectors are not really necessary, tyres with Rim Protectors can prove to be extremely beneficial. Whether you are living in a city or an off road area, rim protectors help maintain the good health of your tyres and wheels. It doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner at driving or an expert because all of us are regularly exposed to cracks, abrasions and bumps in the road.

If you are looking for a way to protect your rims, you have got nothing to worry about. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can buy tyres with Rim Protector. Rim Protectors is a shield that is made up from either plastic or rubber and is designed to fit between your tyres and wheels.

If you are here, you are already aware that not all tyres have rim protectors.

Tyres with Rim Protectors

As discussed, Rim Protectors are not a requisite for tyres. Each tyre comes with a size and size varies from tyres to tyres depending upon the need. Tyre size is recommended by the manufacturer and is fitted accordingly. However, thanks to the wide range of tyres that are available at Evertyres, the driver can choose the tyre based on his requirements. We not only provide tyres but also fit them for you! You can check out our tyres here and in case you are looking for wheels, here you go.

Tyre size is determined by tyre profile. Tyre profile is also usually referred to as model height which is nothing but distance between the end of the rim and edge of the tyre. It is mostly the tyres with low tyre profile that use Rim Protector. A low profile tyre isn’t necessarily bad but they are prone to mechanical damage since they have relatively smaller height of sidewall than its width.

While the low profile tyres offer better performance and appearance, the high profile tyres offer more comfort and assurance against the damages. Low profile tyres are aesthetically pleasing and provide better grip on dry roads. They are more reliable for dynamic driving and are especially helpful in braking and cornering. Another significant advantage of low profile tyres is that the control over the vehicle relies mostly upon the driver who can easily predict its behaviour.

High profile tyres reduce tyre noise and protect themselves against uneven surfaces making them more comfortable.

Hence, as you can see, a lot of people go for a low profile tyre over a high profile tyre.

Although a little expensive than the other models, if you are opting for a low profile tyre, you should definitely go for Rim Protectors which will help save both your wheel and your tyre. Tyres with a damaged rim or no rim protector can cause some serious damage and will turn out to be more expensive than buying tyres with a rim protector.

Tyres with rim protectors are perfect for driving in an urban setting. They help in avoiding the damages while parking and overcoming high curbs. They also ensure durability and reliability.

Surprisingly, sometimes high profile tyres also come with rim protectors. This is the case with off-road tyres. So, you now know what suits your needs the best. Judge your driving style and your preference among comfort and performance and then make a decision.

You must also be aware that quality of Rim Protectors matter equally. Poor quality Rim Protectors can come off while driving. Hence, it is important to purchase the product of high quality from a reputable dealer.

Rim protectors help protect the rim by absorbing most of the damage. It is actually cheaper to replace rim protectors than a damaged rim itself. As it is said, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. It also adds a layer of personalisation and gives your tyres and wheel a mindblowing look!

A study has revealed the valuation of owning and operating a new vehicle. In 2018, it was $8,849 per year. The prices are increasing day by day and thus is the cost of operating a vehicle. It’d only be wise to know to protect your car’s tyres and wheels since they can cause you some real harm.

Ways to protect your Rim:

1. Cleaning:

Cleaning is the first task that every individual with a vehicle should consider. If your rims are brand new, it’s obvious to feel tempted to skip this step. But, you’ll be taken aback when you see how dirty they actually are. It is important for your rims to be cleaned because anything that is left behind will be sealed in. What you need to take care while washing the rims is to steer clear of steel wool and acid based cleaner since they strip away the coating of the rims.

2. Apply Metal Sealant:

As resilient a metal may appear to be, they still need to be protected and taken care of. To ensure it lasts long, it is recommended that you apply a sealant specifically designed for them. Metal sealant protects the metal from corrosion, wear and tear, ultraviolet damage and scratches. Apart from that, it gives metals a lustrous, sleeky appearance.

3. Get yourself a Rim Protector:

By now, you are already aware of the importance of rim protectors. It can help save you from some serious damage and save you from some uncalled expenses. Apart from that, it also acts as a superficial accessory which looks super cool to flaunt. Also, it gets easily detached when needed which can help you clean the rim properly.

4. Winterize your Wheel

Winter is tougher on our wheels than it is on us. The salt and the salt water present on the road during winter is another factor that damages our wheel. It slowly corrodes it and eats the wheel away. So, take extra care of not driving into salty roads. Other than that, ice covered roads can be implausibly slippery. This can make your vehicle slip and slide. It may also lead your vehicle to hit the curb. So, get winter tyres which have more grip than the regular tyres.

In conclusion, rim protectors are beneficial because they help protect our wheels and tyres. But, what really fits your wheel depends entirely upon your needs and your driving style preferences. Think, calculate and make a smart choice for healthy maintenance of your vehicle.