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Common Types of Tyre Damage and Its Causes

It's hard to say how much our tyres contribute to our safety, but it's crucial to understand that this relationship is reciprocal. Tyres depend on us as well. As watchful car owners, it is our responsibility to be alert to any problems that could jeopardise the quality of a tyre. The tricky part is that there are many potential causes of tyre damage, some of which aren't immediately apparent. If we're not careful, we might find ourselves operating a vehicle with unsuitable tyres. This comprehensive guide to common types of tyre damage, what causes them, and what (if anything) you can do to prevent them has been put together to lessen the likelihood of this occurring.

Watch out for tyre damage

Uneven tread wear:

Damage to tyres can occur suddenly (like a puncture) or gradually. Regular tread wear develops gradually, and is frequently not noticed until the tyre is already severely damaged. It doesn't appear suddenly. Fortunately, the type of tread wear typically identifies the root cause and offers suggestions for future prevention. Let's look at it.

1. Centre Tread Wear - Over-inflation is typically indicated when the tread that runs down the middle of the tyre appears to be deteriorating more quickly than the tread on the shoulders. The centre of over-inflated tyres often bulges, pressing the tread more firmly into the ground and causing it to wear out more quickly. The answer? Make sure your tyres are kept at the manufacturer-recommended PSI by looking in the door jamb, owner's manual, or gas cap.

2. Shoulder Tread Wear - You guessed it right! Overly worn out tyre treads are a sign of under-inflation. Remind yourself to become familiar with and adhere to the proper PSI for your tyres. Frequent driving on winding roads can also cause the shoulders of the tread to wear out. If this applies to you, consider rotating your tyres more frequently.

3. One sided shoulder tread wear - It's obvious that your suspension is out of alignment if one shoulder of the tyre is more worn than the others because this causes the tyre to lean and press more forcefully into the road on one side. To fix the problem and make sure it doesn't happen again, you need a wheel alignment. You should get one every 12 months.

4. Flat Spots - These aggressive driving characteristics are obvious. You're going to experience flat spots if you enjoy testing your car's braking distance at each red light or enjoy hearing the sound of rubber squealing when the light turns green. Even though these horizontal wear patches may only be in a small portion of the tyre, it still needs to be changed. You'll get into trouble if that worn-out section of your tyre makes contact with the pavement when you suddenly need to brake. Solution? Slow down; you already know this.

Cuts & Bruises

Cuts and punctures are the result of sudden distress, similar to impact bulges, but this time brought on by sharp objects piercing the tyre. Cuts are frequently brought on by poor road conditions (such as jagged-edged potholes) or collisions with sharp objects like glass or stones. 

In addition to screws and nails, glass can also result in punctures. Driving slowly over screws and nails lowers the chance of flicking them up into the tyre. Always drive slowly around construction sites, especially the laneways they back onto.

Obviously, you should take your car to a service centre as soon as you can for repair or replacement if you notice a puncture.

Keep an eye out for any tyre damage

The elements and the state of the road are completely exposed to the tyres. The least we can do is occasionally get on our knees and look for telltale signs of tyre damage as they suffer for our safety. Only tyres in top condition are capable of performing their function. Contact theEverTyres team of tyre experts as soon as you notice anything unusual, and they'll diagnose, repair, or replace your tyres as needed. Take care of your tyres, and they'll take care of you.

Check your tread at the EverTyres Center

Always check the tread on your tyres; it takes just a moment and is the best way to make sure they are up to the job. Visit the EverTyres store so they can inspect your car if you notice uneven tread wear that fits any of the descriptions given above. You might only require a minor wheel alignment, but if new tyres are required, they'll direct you to the best set for your needs and your car. You can also avail great tyre deals from them as they have multiple options available for a different range of tyres.

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