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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Off-Road Tyres

So you've decided that you need a 4WD tyre, and you're now starting to look for the right tyres. For most people, tyre purchasing can be a huge decision that affects their entire experience on the road.

Choosing the right tyres for your 4WD is important, as they have a huge impact on the terrain you can conquer. Tyres are the backbone of your 4WD. They can make a big impact on your vehicle's ability to tackle the terrain you want to explore.

Nowadays, off-road tyres are often wider and taller than their on-road counterparts, which leaves a lot of space between them and your wheels. This means that any mud or dirt that collects within the groove between the tread blocks no longer sticks to the tyre itself!

The reality is that not all tyres are fit for all types of surfaces. It can be easy to think that you need a tyre for all surfaces, but this is simply not the case. Not all tyres are made for all types of terrain or conditions. If you have a set of tyres that aren't suitable for your intended use, they could cause more problems than they solve.

Choosing a new set of off-road tyres can be challenging, you want to consider all specific features. These include brand and price. But there are other factors that can affect your choice and unfortunately, not everyone knows about them! But don't panic – we've put this guide together to make sure you have all the info you need to select the best tyres for your style of driving.

Selecting the best tyres for off-roading is really simple, and it doesn't need to be as complicated as most people make it. First, you should get a good idea of the different categories in which 4WD tyres come and how these would fit into your situation.

Which off-road tyres are right for you?

Mud Terrain

Mud Terrain tyres are a priceless piece of equipment that is light, strong and amazingly versatile. They were designed to be fast, agile & fully capable of handling terrain that would challenge even the most accomplished riders.

These tyres are built to allow mud & dirt to easily pass through your tyre, keeping your wheels firmly on the more grippy surface. At times, they may feel very heavy when driving on roads, but that’s because they help give extra stability as you drive over uneven surfaces.

If you've never driven a 4WD, then you probably don't know just how amazing they are. They're capable of taking you to places that you couldn't dream of before and feel like the most luxurious way to travel.

But before you get started on your next adventure in your new 4WD, here are a few things to keep in mind:

First up is the fact that these vehicles are not made for driving on roads! So if you're used to driving on paved surfaces, it's important to know that these vehicles have a tendency to have road noise and an uncomfortable ride because the tyres aren't designed for regular roads.

That being said, if you love serious road noise and an adventurous ride, then we've got some great tyres for you! At Evertyres, we offer a wide range of tyres that are more than suitable for these 4WD adventures.

All Terrain

Are you planning a trip to a challenging off-road track. But which tyres should you take? Well, if you're going there for fun, not just as part of an off-roading club, there are many factors to consider when choosing your tyres for the job.

The first is that you need to decide what sort of terrain you want your tyres to be used on. There are many different terrains in Australia and each will create different levels of grip and handling.

All-Terrain tyres are designed to tackle a multitude of terrains, off-road and on, but they're not always suited for every terrain. If you’re a regular driver who only ever takes your 4WD off-road on easy trails, then perhaps a Highway Terrain is more suitable for you as it is less forgiving in terms of terrain and surface. Similarly, if your 4WD needs to climb muddy mountain sides or otherwise cope with muddy terrains, such as getting stuck in the mud while driving – then an All-Terrain tyre isn’t going to offer much in the way of assistance.

Whether you're a seasoned driver or just starting out, Evertyres is here to help. We offer a wide range of all-terrain tyres that are sure to complement any vehicle and terrain.

Highway Terrain

If you have an offroad vehicle, whether it's for work or pleasure, you probably don't feel like these tyres are particularly suitable for your adventure. They’re terrible! They don’t look like they’d be appropriate for any off-road driving.

The comfort and smooth ride that highway terrain tyres provide are exceptional on highways, freeways, and main roads. On the road or when turning around bends, it gives you maximum control and handling.

When it comes to picking out your next set of tyres, you’ll want to be sure you find a set that is high-quality and will provide a great ride on the road. However, driving on the highway is much different than taking your car off-roading or just cruising around town. That’s why, choosing high-quality tyres which are also durable and long-lasting is vital.

So which Tyre should you choose for off-roading?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you're choosing your off-road tyres. Each type of tyre has its own strengths, depending on the situation you put it in. For example, if you're going to be driving on dirt roads, mud terrain is probably a good choice. If you're going to be driving in the city, highway terrain will be a good choice.

When deciding on the type of performance you need, consider each of these tyre types.

This Off-Road tyre buying guide is filled with some of the best tips on how to outfit your vehicle with quality tyres that will suit a wide range of off-road experiences. To find out what type of off-road tyres will work best for you, please get in touch with us today.