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Have you ever wondered - Why are tyres always in black colour?

This question has arisen in everyone's minds - why are tyres manufactured primarily in black colours?

When deciding to buy an automobile, one of the most common questions is, "What would be the most suitable colour for it? However, that's not the question with tyres. While there are a hundred other factors to consider while purchasing a tyre offline or online, the colour of a tyre can never be one of them. They are only available in one colour and that is black.

However, the same question arises again - Why are tyres always black in colour?

Let us explain why?

Many of you must be unaware of this, but tyres used to be produced in the original white colour, roughly 125 years ago. The rubber, which is used to manufacture tyres, used to be milky white. Then how did we come to have black tyres? And in which year were black tyres invented?

The answer to that is, it was invented in 1895. The original material was not strong enough to support the weight of an automobile or perform well on the roads. As a result, it needs to be stabilised to boost its durability and strength. A stabilising ingredient, carbon black, is added to the milky white material that turns the tyre completely black. It improves the tyre’s durability and strength and carries heat away from all sections of the automobile. Therefore, even when the road is extremely hot and friction increases, tyres don't melt and remain firm.

What are the Benefits of Black Tyres?

Carbon black tyres are easier to see on roads at night because of their high reflectivity. In addition, they are cheaper than other colours and provide a better grip on wet roads because of their higher contact area with the ground. Not only that, carbon black also helps protect tyres from the harmful effects of ozone and UV radiation. The black colour of tyres is not just for aesthetic purposes but also for safety.

The tyres are one of the most vital components of a vehicle since they are the only ones that connect it to the road. As a result, it is crucial that the tyre is durable and reliable, and the carbon black substance is essential for doing so.

There are many high-quality tyres available in the market. There are various brands competing in the market to produce & manufacture high-quality tyres that provide you with a safe ride and increase tyre durability. Among so many brands, we will talk today about Federal Tyres. Hopefully, you must be already familiar with this brand, if not, check it out below:

How good are Federal Tyres? Where was it invented? When was it invented? And why to choose Federal Tyres?

Let’s see the answer to it.

Federal Tyres brand is owned by the Federal Corporation, a Taiwan-based company. It was invented in Taiwan in 1954. The brand is widely known worldwide, especially in the US, Japan, and Australia, for its motorsports and racing-designed products.

A wide range of tyres are offered by Federal Tyres, including winter series, light truck, commercial truck tyres, as well as passenger car tyres that range from passenger/touring class to performance & supercar UHP tyres. UHP tyres stand for ultra-high-performance tyres. A federal brand is also warmly accepted by drifters worldwide for a reasonable price, outstanding performance, and high reliability.

Some Examples Of Federal Tyres

1. FEDERAL TYRES COURAGIA M/T 31/10.50R/15 109-Q

 Awesome Off-Road Traction - Deep shoulder lugs and sophisticated central blocks fulfil the most demanding off-road grip requirements, so you can drive on dirt, rock, mud, and gravel with confidence.

 Tougher and Stronger - Strong protection blocks on the upper shoulder provide exceptional protection from bruising, impact, cuts, as well as from other hazards, thus serving as a true "tough mudder".

 Self-Cleaning Design - Self-Cleaning Design - Small lugs between the shoulder lugs eliminate mud and rocks while the incremental block edge improves dirt and sand clearance for better performance and traction.

 Long-Life Tread Compound - Made of specially-formulated advanced tread compounds, this tyre gives you more mileage by resisting cuts, chips, and abrasions.

 Size: 15-inch tyre.

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2. FEDERAL TYRES XPLORA A/P 265/75R/16 123/120-Q

 The sturdy Xplora A/P is built to tackle the demands of everyday commuting and mild weekend adventures with competent handling, optimised tread wear, and a confident grip in all weather conditions.

 Size: 16-inch tyre

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In the box:-

1. Federal Couragia M/T ( 245/75R/16 - 120Q ) Tyre ordered

2. 1 *User Manual

3. 1 * installation Tools Kits

4. 1 * Warranty Card


 Excellent off-road performance - You can ride dirt, rock, mud, and gravel with confidence thanks to deep shoulder lugs and sophisticated central blocks.

 Stronger & Tougher - Exceptional protection blocks on the upper shoulder ensure exceptional resistance to cuts, bruises, and impacts, making this a tough mudder.

 Self-cleaning design: The self-cleaning design of the lugs between the shoulder lugs lifts dirt and sand for improved performance off-road while the incremental edge increases clearance.

 Tyre Utilities - This tyre offers higher mileage due to its long-life tread compound that resists cuts, chips, and abrasions ensuring more even wear and longer life.

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Federal tyres is one of the best tyre brands because it’s already well-known for its high-performance tyres, which are regarded as affordable on the pocket. The manufacturer is also well-regarded within the off-road community with its all-terrain and mud-terrain tyres. Federal tyres are still an excellent choice if you need performance tyres and stylish tyres at an affordable price.

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