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Dynamic Steel Imitation Beadlock Sunraysia Black


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Dynamic Steel Imitation Beadlock Sunraysia Black
Dynamic Steel
Available size
15" 17"

Dynamic Wheel Co. maintains a passionate level of commitment to provide the highest quality services and quality products.
With years of expertise and knowledge in the 4×4 and automotive industry, Dynamic Steel Wheels are engineered, tried and tested in the toughest outback conditions in Australia.  Dynamic Wheel Co. offers the largest range of steel wheels available in NZ.

The Dynamic Simulated Beadlock Sunraysia is a steel wheel that's as tough as it looks. It features a classic 'Sunraysia' centre combined with a reinforced rim and simulated Beadlock, without any of the drawbacks of 'off-road only' Beadlock rims.

Make the packages with these wheels

Rim Diameter* Rim Width Bolt Circle Offset Load Rating Price
15” 8” 6x139.7 -22 1200 - Select
17” 8” 6x114.3 20 1200 139$
17” 8” 5x150 30 1200 139$