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Annaite AN616 highly rated passenger Tyres with affordable prices

Annaite AN616 245/70R/16 107-H


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Annaite AN616
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16 inch
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Annaite Tyres / Hilo Tyres

One of the highly-rated passenger Tyres in the market, Cheap for the price but gives the best results on the track.

Yokohama’s Budget Brand

Why Choose these tyres?

1. Asymmetrical tread design for uncompromising performance
2. Wide shoulder tread block with high angle sides for high-speed cornering performance
3. Variable pitch tread design provides a smooth, quiet ride
4. Advance tread compound delivers superior cornering and exceptional handling
5. Deep grooves and hundreds of edges deliver excellent wet and dry tractions

Make the packages with these tyres

Product : Annaite AN616
Product Type Tyre
Brand/Model Annaite/AN616
Diameter 16
Width 245
Profile 70
Load Rating 107
Speed Rating H
Pattern AN616
Size 245/70R/16 , 107-H
Product Rating R

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